The CROOK Act (Countering Russian and Other Overseas Kleptocracy Act) has been reintroduced in Congress to strengthen the U.S. government's efforts in combating international corruption. The Act aims to establish an anti-corruption action fund, financed by fines and penalties imposed on foreign corrupt officials, to provide technical assistance to countries working to combat corruption. Additionally, the Act requires the State Department to create a global strategy to fight corruption and increase coordination among federal agencies. If enacted, the CROOK Act would elevate the fight against global corruption as a U.S. foreign policy priority.

Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto Discusses Changes to SEC Whistleblower Rules

The SEC adopted amendments to the whistleblower program rules in September 2020, aimed at enhancing the efficiency and transparency of the program. Key changes include streamlining the review process for award claims, allowing the SEC to adjust award amounts in certain circumstances, clarifying the definition of "independent analysis," and offering additional guidance on retaliation protections. Some whistleblower advocates, including Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto, criticize the changes for potentially reducing awards and creating uncertainty for whistleblowers, potentially discouraging them from coming forward. Read more.

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